The last word

by Joe Gillespie — Dec 1, 2004

I don’t think that there's anything more pleasurable in life than helping someone. From what readers have written and told me, this site has given a great deal of help to a lot of people over the years and a small amount of gratitude was all I needed to keep going.

As I mentioned in the introduction, WPDFD is going to remain as an archive of past articles so that it can continue to be a valuable source of information for designers, newbies and anybody else who cares about the craft.

I've had several approaches from people who want to buy the site for its enviable search engine position and traffic. I have never considered it to be a commercial project but for somebody else, it could be. Sure, I’ve had a few banners ads here and there but I've had to pay my expenses and the readers have never had to pay a penny.

If the proverbial 'too good to refuse' offer does come along, I might consider selling the site. If that happens, I will no longer have absolute control of the content or its availability. I will try to make sure that the information remains either on this site or another one. We'll see.

Anyway, got to move on. Can't stand around watching paint dry!


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