Building Blocks of a Great Website

by J. Cornelius — Jul 10, 2007

Building a great Website can be a lot of work. There is software that makes it a lot easier, but there are some other pieces of the puzzle I would like to tell you about too.

I want to share a few secrets we’ve been using for years to help us make great looking Websites with you. Let’s take it from the top down. We’ll look at logos and branding, stock photography and illustrations, color schemes, and a few other ways to snazz up your Website with minimal fuss. Read on!

Logos and Branding

Get a Great Looking Logo! — Every Website needs a good logo, but finding that exact graphic or style can be quite a chore. We found LogoYes a while back and have been very impressed with how easy it is to make a nice looking logo in just a few minutes. Just select a style, enter a few keywords about your business or Website and choose from hundreds of ready made high quality logos. Then add some text and you’re done – just like that! It really is that easy.

The Laws of Branding — Do you ever wonder why some products or Websites are more successful than others that offer the exact same thing? You might look at the branding. Perception is everything and a solid brand image does more to make first and lasting impressions that just about anything else. This book will help you better understand branding and how to apply it successfully on your Website. 22 Immutable Laws of Branding

A Photo is Worth a Thousand Clicks

We’ve all heard that saying (well, kinda). It is obvious that good photography and illustration can make a so-so Website pop and sizzle. But face it, not many of us are expert shutterbugs or gifted artists. You might not know where to look to find excellent images for a decent price so try iStockPhoto.

iStockPhoto has hundreds of thousands of images, photos, illustrations, animations and other cool stuff for your Website. The greatest thing is, it’s affordable too! The average web ready image is between $1 and $5, and

Learn the Details from the Best in the Business

If you haven’t already registered for the 2007 Webmaster Jam Session you need to go have a look now! More great speakers and topics have been added to the schedule and the badges are going fast! Get One on One help from top industry pros like Jared Spool, Nick Finck, Derek Featherstone; sessions with some of the most talented and sought after designers in the business, and hang out with the speakers and everyone else at the Adobe Party!

If you make Websites you can’t miss this great opportunity to talk to and learn from the best in the business!

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Snazzy Colors and Cool Fonts Set You Apart

It takes more than a cool logo and professional photos to make a nice looking Website, you need a good color scheme and some nice typography too. Download and try Color Schemer and Website Font to give your Website that extra little something that makes it sparkle.

Color Schemer helps you find a set of colors that all look nice together and apply them to your Website with ease. It’s a snap to find a cool color scheme that helps your Website look top notch.

Website Font lets you use any font you like without making a graphic every time, just choose the font, paste the JavaScript generated by the software into your page and viola, your Website looks better :)

More to come...

Next time I’ll discuss content and markup as the two most essential blocks of a quality Website. Stay tuned! Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl reddit Design Float