Directory Submission

by Geoffrey Hoesch — Apr 26, 2007

Before I get into the process of building quality links to your website, I’d like to briefly address an often overlooked step in the website creation process: Directory submission.

A directory is an online database of categorized an online yellow pages. Without going into too much detail, it’s important to get listed in directories because a) they provide a means for your site to be found and b) many sites mimic the links found in specific categories. That means a listing in a directory will automatically increase your incoming links from related pages.

Although there are thousands of directories out there, you should be primarily concerned with two: DMOZ ( and Yahoo!( DMOZ is Google’s free directory, Yahoo!’s directory costs $299 per submission. If you have the money, submit to both as soon as possible, and be certain you submit under the most relevant category for your website. For instance, if you sell dog toys, don’t submit to the ‘toys’ category or even the ‘pet toys’ category, submit to the ‘dog toys’ category. When describing your site, post attractive, keyword rich material. Your Yahoo! submission will appear soon...forget about DMOZ for a while – some people wait years to be listed.

However, Directory Submission is quickly becoming outdated, as Search Engines have become the primary means by which consumers find websites. This does not mean that Directory Submission is useless – it still serves its list your site link in a relevant location where potential customers will find it and follow it; also to increase your backlinks (an important aspect of increasing your page’s Search Engine (SE) relevance). The key words in the previous sentence are ‘relevant location’, meaning you should only list your site link in relevant directories. If, for instance, you run a clothing store website it would be useless for you to list your site in a restaurant directory. You may think that the added link can only help your site, but you’d be incorrect...the added link, because it is completely irrelevant, will have no effect on your Page Rank or SERP placement.

What about Directory Submission Services?

Many Directory Submission services promise hundreds or thousands of directory listings for your site. “Wow,” you may think, “that’s a time-consuming process I’d rather not do on my own.” Wrong. Most Directory Submission services (especially the ones promising thousands of submissions) use programs to automatically and in an unbiased manner submit your website to directories. This means that with the click of a button your clothing store website will be listed in every irrelevant directory known to man, and, as previously stated, this does nothing for your site. While this random listing process will land your site in a few relevant directories, this process is not worth the money.

If you want to submit to relevant directories, take a day and personally select directories that are relevant to your site. However, link building through directory submission is of secondary importance when approaching a link building (link to link building article) campaign. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl reddit Design Float