WPDFD Issue #84 - September 04, 2007

Board it Up

If there's one thing to be learned from print design, it's the impact of presentation. Unlike on the web, you can precisely control how your design will be presented, down to the exact dimensions, weight, and even sheen of the paper. As web designers, we have to relinquish most of this authority, but not when presenting a proposed design to a client. Take control over the presentation of your design by boarding up your printed design comp.

My sister recently graduated college and moved out to live with my wife and I for a while. This afternoon while I was helping her get moved in we were in my office getting some manilla folders and she tells me, "I need to marry a guy who's organized." ( Say what? The big brother never wants to hear about his little sister's marriage plans.) So I tell her -- not because I was trying to dissuade her from ever dating, but because it's truly easier than she thought it was -- that she could learn to be organized.