Bland Design: All Ford Mustangs

What's to like: This design is not without its share of flaws, but I do like how it pays attention to the content of the page. If you'll notice, all ads are pushed off to the sides or above the content, allowing you to take in the site's content without being impeded by a bright ad right in the middle of a paragraph. Also, in good form, the site's navigation is aligned at the top of the page, in bold, simple, noticeable font.

What's not to like: The colors for this site seem almost haphazardly chosen. There's a second bit of navigation labelled "categories" on the left of the page, but there's quite a bit of white space above it. It seems this is happening because of the ad placement. There are better ways to give ads different priorities on your site. Also, some of the text in the header is black, and the background is a very dark color. Very high contrast can be bad, but very low contrast can be worse, especially on older monitors or laptop screens viewed at an angle.

There are also a couple of radio buttons next to the search bar, and there's no indication as to what these radio buttons actually do.

How to improve: This design could do with a fresh coat of paint. Adjust the palette a bit and fix the black-on-nearly-black text in the header. Better use of spacing and color could improve the layout of the ads and benefit the content on the page. Throw in some typography fundamentals, and things could start looking much better.

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