Bland Design: AwesomeNet

What's to like: I can't find a whole lot to like about this particular design, except that there's at least a decent amount of distinction between the top, middle, and bottom sections of the page.

What's not to like: Almost everything else. Many of the headings are just Photoshop text using the canned, predefined gradients and text effects. The design is table-based. There's virtually no styling in the actual text. The navigation is really unbalanced. The three left-aligned links at the top are unevenly spaced and only two out of the three of them have icons. Then there are right-aligned links just below that which are more noticeable, and all of these have icons. In midsection of the page, the "For Our Customers" box has a light border, but the box next to it doesn't, giving it an unbalanced look.

How to improve: This is one of those designs that serves as working design for a business, but really, the best way to improve upon it would be to completely redesign it. Just store it away in some directory named "archive" on some hard drive in a back fileserver and don't look at it again. The navigation of the site should at least all be in one piece, evenly spaced, and the layout shouldn't look like each piece was added as someone in the back said, "Oh, let's add this!"

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