Bland Design:

What's to like: The positioning in this page is pretty good. The logo is cleanly positioned, and so is the search box area. The header and footer visually sit outside the main content area. Navigation is clearly designated. Ads are neatly tucked near the bottom of the page.

What's not to like: The design is okay, but it is fixed-width and left-aligned. It's only 750 pixels wide. This would be okay if the design was centered, but as-is, there's a lot of leftover white space on modern monitors at (usually much) higher resolutions than 800x600.

How to improve: The site just a bit bland and needs to be brought up-to-date. Move away from table-based layout to clean up the HTML. Increase the font size a bit to help the customer better read through the site. This design could be made wider, or even have a liquid layout.

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