Bland Design:

What's to like: The site is definitely modern. (Ironic for a site called "") All of its many elements are clean and neat-looking. Navigation is clearly stated and everything else on the page that is clickable gives you visual cues that this is the case; things like Go buttons, arrow buttons, and highlight colors.

What's not to like: As stated above this site has many elements; maybe too many. When you have this many things that you want your user to see, it's a bad idea to just throw them all onto a page and let them all compete for the eye's attention.

How to improve: The whole page feels like an OS X Dashboard, with several neat things all clumped together. Rearranging the things on this page would do it a world of good, and lowering the priority on things that just aren't all that important (like the "tonight", "most watched," and "community" boxes) would accomplish two things: first, it would clean up the page and make it look neater if elements like these were neatly arranged elsewhere (like in a sidebar). Second, it would help things like "spotlight" and "feature" stand out, since there's less to compete with visually.

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