Bland Design: Sarkis Web Design

What's to like: The site is clean and has newspaper feel to it with its three-column layout, justified text, and shades of grey. It's simple and there is nothing to get in the way of the content.

What's not to like: The content itself is very long and has nothing to help the eye move along; no headers, poor line spacing, and there is a lot of superfluous wording. At first glance, it would appear there is nothing more to this site than this single page. Mousing over each word in the subtitle, though, reveals some navigational links that are not differentiated from the rest of the page. These hidden links hinder the site and make the visitor do more work than necessary.

How to improve: The top-based navigation is good, but there needs to be some way to tell just by scanning the page that there are more pages in this site. Improved line spacing in the content as well as serif-font headers would help the overall theme of the page as well as its readability.

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