Bland Design: CSS Zen Garden - Under the Seal

What's this? A site from CSS Zen Garden in the "bland designs?" Yes it's true. Also notice how the screenshot of the design is smaller than the others. Visit the page and you'll quickly see why.

What's to like: This web design is well-coded, artful, and visually attractive. The typography is nice, too.

What's not to like: At the bottom of the page is a layer of very nice-looking photos and drawings/paintings. They look nice, but they remain static on the bottom of the page stay with you as you scroll. It takes up quite a large bit of real estate, too; it's a neat effect, but it's not practical.

How to improve: Admittedly, this design is not "bland," but it's still an example of a functional site with some key flaws. Okay, maybe just one key flaw in this case. To improve this, the design should just add those photos at the footer of the page, and don't force you to scroll with them.

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