VisiBone Swatch for Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady

by Joe Gillespie — Dec 1, 1998

Sometimes you can go on for years using something and knowing, deep inside that there is something wrong, but not quite realising what it is that's niggling you.

The default Web palette in Photoshop has all the 216 colors that it should have, but they are arranged in numerical order which makes it difficult to see the relative values of the colors with respect to one another.

In ImageReady, the swatch is arranged a little better, but they have left some of the Web safe colors out and, goodness knows, there are few enough of them as it is!

Bob Stein of VisiBone International Color Laboratories gave the problem some thought and came up with the swatch that you see on the left.

Here, all 216 Web-safe colors are laid-out by hue and you can immediately see which colours are darker, bluer or greyer etc. which makes choosing colors much easier for designers.

Bob has very kindly made this swatch available for free download in an article he wrote for us on his site as an Adobe .ACO file for PCs and as Swatch file for Macs. He also has some other very useful comments and ideas about color on Web pages which shouldn't be missed.

Well done, Bob!

Isn't it funny how, more often than not, the simplest ideas are the best.

VisiBone Web-safe Swatch
Features red bar100%
Ease of Use yellow bar100%
Value for Money green bar100%
'Must Have' Factor blue bar100%
Manufacturer VisiBone International Color Laboratories
Price Free for Mac/Win95/NT
Summary Absolutely Essential! Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl reddit Design Float