David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez

I've been interested in computers ever since I was in 5th grade, when I was exposed to my first Macintosh computer. I don't recall what kind it was, exactly (it was a long time ago!), but I know I loved what it did.

My family couldn't afford a computer for me at the time, but the following year I got a WebTV. I spent 3 years using my WebTV to browse the web and do my school work, and I was very ingenuitive when it came to WebTV's weaknesses (I created a frames page and set it as my WebTV Homepage so I could have multiple "tabs" open at once, for example). I quickly became interested in HTML and how to design a website, and I learned HTML with help of a book I bought at the local bookstore and Angelfire's advanced, text-only editor. WebTV had no copy-and-paste feature, no formatting features, no mouse, and no way to save files or even print them out. Learning HTML in this environment was taxing, but very fun to me.

By the time I got through middle school and reached 9th grade, I was exposed to my first PC. I was ecstatic to see my webpage — my work of 3 years — on a computer screen rather than my TV screen. Side note: I was fairly disgusted at how "Windows was trying to be like Macintosh," as I put it when I first used the Windows operating system in high school.

As I became more exposed to the PC, though, I found I much preferred working on websites on a computer than I did on WebTV (duh), and I started to learn the differences between browsers and different methods of building a page; for example, back then, it was much trendier to use a table layout for your sidebar than to use frames. (These days, of course, you'll want to use CSS and divs.)

In 9th grade I built a website for my History class. Without my knowledge, this site was entered into a technology and design contest held by my school district, and my design took 1st place in webpage design.

Since then, I've been interested in all things Web, including LAMP, HTML, CSS, PHP, AJAX, RoR, and all those other great acronyms we throw around here. I've worked several tech jobs, like at retail electronics stores and ISPs, and eventually found myself here maintaining WPDFD.

Here's hoping we can all take our passion for web design and share with one another, and make something useful and fun out of what we learn here!

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