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Ben Ward on Google's microformats support
It?s a big day. hCards and hReviews are already published in huge quantities all over the web ... but this is the biggest user-base so far to benefit from the consumption of microformats in an application. #
Smoked Tilapia with Honey Glaze
Tonight we tried smoking Tailpia for the first time and it came out very well. The full recipe is below the before and after pictures. The fish in the smoker, before adding honey and spices: The fish after smoking: Dinner! Recipe This recipe is very simple but surprisingly tasty. It has some sweet, some smoky, and some spice. Arrange the fish on the smoker grate and coat liberally with honey. Then sprinkle on a bit of each of the following:...
Great Designs Should Be Experienced and Not Seen
The best design is that which does its job and stays out of the way. Jared Spool on invisible design: While all these things are what the designers at Netflix work hard on every day, they go unmentioned by their customers. It's not because these aspects aren't important. It's because the designers have done their job really well: they've made them invisible. - archive link -
UIEtips: Great Designs Should Be Experienced and Not Seen
For years my kids, when assigned the chore of cleaning out the refrigerator, exhibited a consistent idiosyncratic behavior. They’d take a sniff of a far-too-mature item, make a face, then turn to me and insist, “Smell this. It’s gross!” My experience and wisdom had granted me the knowledge to know that I didn’t have to [...]
Userability #7 ? The Strain of Relationships
This week's guest Dana asks Jared and Robert, "What can I do to court favor with design teams to let them know that I, as the usability consultant, am not just an enforcer, but I'm on their side and that we can learn from one another?"
Do not remove the outline from links and form controls
An addition to my post Don?t forget keyboard navigation is that you should never use the outline CSS property to remove the indicator that most browsers display when a focusable element receives keyboard focus. I?ve seen quite a few tips on how to remove the focus indicator by using outline:none or outline:0 . Please do not do this , unless you replace the outline with something else that makes it easy to see which element has keyboard focus. Removing the visual indicator of...
MySQL 5.1.34 and XtraDB 1.0.3-5
For a couple weeks now, we've had a MySQL server at work running MySQL 5.1.34 and the Percona XtraDB 1.0.3-5 plug-in. I'm testing an upgrade path for our current MySQL 5.0.xx based servers. Aside from some confusion about the initial setup (getting the built-in InnoDB to stay out of the way), things have gone very well. All of our largest and most active tables have been converted to the new Barracuda file format and I tested compression on the two largest. The first didn't fare...
Jeff Croft Interviewed at Mirificam Press
Check out this interview between Blue Flavor’s Jeff Croft and Matthew Griffin of Mirificam Press , where Jeff waxes poetic about his philosophy in life, the purpose of design, and the nature of truth. That’s right. Prepare to be enlightened.
Don?t forget keyboard navigation
Many developers take for granted that everybody uses a mouse to interact with the web. I don?t have any numbers, but it is indeed likely that the majority of people are primarily mouse users. However, some people choose not to use a mouse because they find using the keyboard to navigate is faster. Others simply cannot use a mouse and are forced to use other input devices. Either way, accommodating people who do not use a mouse is not very difficult: Make sure that all interactive...
Nick to Speak at PS-SIGCHI
On May 28th, Nick will be speaking at SIGCHI . In his talk, he’ll dive deep into the Life Cycle of a Wireframe : from methodology, to process, to delivery. If you’re an information architect, interaction designer, visual designer, or regular old user experience-curious creature, you’ll like this one. In case you’re interested, here are the details: When : May 28, 2009, 06:00 PM - 08:30 PM Where : The Boardroom in the One Union Square...
Web Anatomy: Effective Interaction Design with Frameworks
When starting a new design project, whether it’s a design-from-scratch or an upgrade beyond existing functionality, much of what we are about to do has been done before. How do you make sure you’ve got everything the user will expect? Even the most thought out design requirements (and most, unfortunately, aren’t too well thought out) [...]
Interview with Ian Hickson, editor of the HTML 5 specification.
You’ve heard it’s coming in 2012. Or maybe 2022. It’s certainly not ready yet, but some parts are already in browsers now so for the standards-savvy developers, the future is worth investigating today. Ian “Hixie” Hickson, editor of the HTML 5 specification, hopes that the spec will go to Last Call Working Draft [...]
What was new at Searchology?
Google launched 3-4 new features at Searchology today. You can read about Search Options, Google Squared, Rich Snippets, or Sky Map in my previous post. But I also pay attention to the small things that Google said. I noticed several tidbits that I don’t think we’ve said in public before. - Pat Riley mentioned a couple [...]
Google Searchology 2009: Search Options, Google Squared, Rich Snippets
Google just finished its Searchology 2009 event. In previous years, Google has used Searchology to introduce Universal Search and Personalized Search. So what was new this year? Several things: Google Search Options. Marissa Mayer referred to this as a handy “toolbelt” that lets you slice and dice your search results. You can do a search such [...]
Neutraface Slab
New slab serif version of House Industries' Neutraface. Very nice, and I'm digging the addition of the Stencil style. #
UIE Podcasts: Web App Expert Interviews - Part 2
Last week in part 1 of our series, I brought you 5 great podcasts covering Ajax and accessibility, patterns and components, web form design, web standards, and interactive prototyping.  In part 2, we have new topics to muse over. Are you building out a web 2.0 strategy? Having trouble communicating and documenting the design process? How do you tie the [...]
Don’t Lose That Creative Thinking
This one is for all the designers out there. (For the purpose of this article I’m defining “designers” as information architects, interface designers, visual designers, web designers, software designers, user experience professionals, etc. If you don’t see your job title in there and you’re involved with design at all I’m still likely talking about you.) So, designers… Have you fallen into a rut? I think you might have. It’s...
Charge Tee Restocked
Back by popular demand, we've just printed a fresh batch of Charge tees , and they're now once again available in all sizes. Just in time for Summer, the Charge tee is printed on heather gray "Tri-Blend" shirts by American Apparel, which is a soft, lightweight, super-comfortable shirt. We also think @wrycoder said it best when he declared : Softest shirt ever. Like being hugged by kittens. Couldn't agree more. Also, check out the Charged Up pool at Flickr for photographs...
Illustrator swatches gradient background effect
The Adobe?s Creative Suite 4 packages have this interesting gradient style effect. It looks like a grid of swatches going from one color to another in subtle gradient effect. If you have ever wondered how you create this effect, then I invite you to take the jump and read on.
September 1913
I’m Irish (well, half-Irish anyway). Most of the time, that’s something I can be proud of. Lately though, I’m feeling downright ashamed of my country. ISP s in Ireland are facing legal threats by the recording industry trying to strong-arm them into cutting off internet access at their say-so …’cause, y’know, that worked out so well for New Zealand. Eircom have willingly rolled over . Other ISPs are resisting. A New Zealand-stlye blackout...